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Baptisms, marriages and burials of people from Crakehall and Langthorne, 1576-1601, transcribed from the Bedale Parish Registers

Until 1853, Crakehall and Langthorne were part of the large parish of Bedale. People from Crakehall and Langthorne attended church there. Kirkbridge probably got its name because it was the crossing place of the beck on the road from Langthorne to Bedale church. The route still exists as a bridleway from Kirkbridge to near Rand Grange, and is shown as "Langthorne Horse Road" on the 1634 map of Rand Grange.

Babies born in Crakehall were baptised at Bedale Parish Church, and burials were conducted there. Many 17th century wills of Crakehall folk request that the deceased be buried in Bedale churchyard

The original records are held at the North Yorkshire Records Office, Northallerton, and begin in the year 1560. I have transcribed the parish records that refer to people from Crakehall and Langthorne, initially from 1576 to 1601, because these refer to the people who feature in many of the other records in the Archives section, such as the Enclosure Papers, the early 17th century Surveys and manorial Records and the 17th century Wills and Inventories.

I have included Langthorne because its history was closely linked with that of Little Crakehall for hundreds of years prior to 1610, and after that time some farmers owned land in both townships (see Thomas Walworth, for example).

The Parish Records provide unique information about life in the village (and death - note the huge mortality rate during the 1580s, when whole families died within a year). You can read more about this HERE

You can reach the birth, marriage and burial records from the list below :

Births arranged by surname
Births arranged by date
Marriages arranged by bride's surname
Marriages arranged by groom's surname
Marriages arranged by date
Burials arranged by surname
Burials arranged by date

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