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Crakehall Parish Marriage Registers 1843-1923

Indexed by grooms' surnames


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Crakehall (Great and Little) and the adjoining townships of Langthorne and East Brompton (part of the village of Patrick Brompton) were part of the Parish of Bedale, and births, marriages and burials were registered with Bedale until 1842. In 1840 they were formed into a separate District Parish or Chapelry. A new church, dedicated to St Gregory, was built on Great Crakehall village green, a new vicarage was erected on the edge of the village, and celebration of marriages began there in 1842.

Placename abbreviations are : C/Crakehall; L/Langthorne; EB/East Brompton
In the full registers, some places of residence within the parish are listed as Kirkbridge and Cobshaw. I have assigned these to Crakehall and Langthorne respectively, in the index.

Dates of marriages are given as dd/mm/yyyy.

Between October 1854 and the end of March 1855 nine marriages are recorded in which neither the bride nor groom lived in Crakehall parish. In each case the wedding is one that would be expected to have happened in Bedale. I have included these in the main Index, but you can see a separate list of them HERE

Abbott William Bousfield Margaret 10.6.1856 C/Hornby  
Ackroyd Edward Hudson Martha 10.9.1884 St.Bees/C  
Akers Joseph Cannon Eleanor 16.6.1853 Masham/C  
Allinson John Robinson Ann 11.1.1872 Burneston/L  
Almgill Samuel Race Elizabeth 23.8.1845 B/C  
Anderson Albert Edward Septimus Marsden Emily 20.2.1917 Middleham/C  
Apedaile John Thomas Lambert Sarah 28.8.1879 York/C  
Atkinson Francis Longstaff Mary Ann 30.5.1868 L/C  
Atkinson James Wade Elizabeth 19.6.1847 E.Witton/C  
Atkinson Joseph White Heighway Mary Ann 27.12.1888 C/C  
Aungers William Davies Fanny 8.4.1885 C/C  
Backhouse William Place Nelson Celia Maud 6.7.1921 Thornton Watlass/C  
Barker Christopher Smith Elizabeth 31.5.1845 C/C  
Barker William Whitton Elizabeth 2.8.1848 C/C  
Barker William Brown Isabella 29.8.1849 C/C  
Barley Samuel Simpson Elizabeth 11.4.1846 Coxwold/C  
Bearpark Samuel Hanby Mary 1.8.1868 Harrogate/C  
Beck William Henry Brown Mary 2.12.1889 Colne/C  
Bell Robert Crow Elizabeth 30.5.1874 Branspeth/C  
Bendelow William Harland Isabella 11.12.1871 Topcliffe/C  
Berriman William Hodgson Sarah Hannah 24.11.1900 Middlesbrough/C  
Binks John Castling Eleanor 20.3.1848 NewtonleWillows/C  
Birch James William Kettlewell Jane 17.6.1885 Bishops Hatfield/C  
Bird Sidney Pinkney Edith 14.1.1920 Eastergale(Sussex)/C  
Blackburn Benjamin Longstaff Mary 26.2.1857 Carthorpe/C  
Blades Christopher Harland Martha 28.11.1877 Healey/L  
Blades James Harland Jane 10.5.1890 L/L  
Blades John Bell Ann 14.8.1848 C/C  
Blanchard John Metcalf Margaret 14.10.1865 Bishop Auckland/C  
Blenkin Benjamin Hodgson Woodhouse Elizabeth Anne 13.8.1894 Thornton le Street/EB  
Blooman Frederick Taylor Harriet 14.5.1894 Northallerton/C  
Braithwaite John Castilioni Hannah Maria 11.10.1862 C/C  
Brewster George Pearson Mary Ann 2.9.1848 Scruton/C  
Brignall Richard Marshall Ann 14.12.1848 EB/C  
Broadwith Ernest Henry Ward Margaret Ann 26.1.1901 Thirsk/C  
Brown Christopher Swainston Hannah 8.8.1857 C/C  
Brown John Lowe Mary Ann 12.9.1857 C/C  
Brown John Hall Margaret 16.6.1877 Stanwick/C  
Brown Joseph Brown Mary 14.10.1846 C/EB  
Brown Matthew Taylor Ann 29.9.1856 C/C  
Brown Richard Thomas Lawson Annie 3.3.1884 Bedale/C  
Brown William Richard Taylor Sarah Ellen 16.12.1905 C/L  
Buck William Eden Jane 16.11.1850 L/L  
Burnett William Johnson Elizabeth Ann 21.12.1889 Littlethorp/C  
Burton Robert Barker Sarah 19.5.1872 C/C  
Cannon James Pratt Ann 3.7.1844 C/ C  
Cannon Thomas Lonsdale Margaret 19.6.1845 C/C  
Carter Francis Johnson Hannah 19.5.1862 C/C  
Carter James Metcalfe Margaret 21.7.1860 Studley/L  
Cartwright Thomas Reynard Mary 26.3.1855 Aiskew/Aiskew w
Cartwright William Harrison Margaret 7.12.1844 L/ L  
Castling Charles Burrill Dorothy 31.3.1868 C/C  
Castling John William Hutchinson Hannah 20.1.1851 C/C  
Castling William Hobson Maria 20.5.1854 C/C  
Clarke Richard Brown Sarah 7.10.1854 Bedale/Bedale  
Clarkson Matthew Pinkney Hannah 2.7.1870 C/C  
Clayton Thomas Fryer Annie Jane 5.12.1878 Pately Bridge/C  
Colthorpe David Charles Kitching Margaret 27.8.1877 L/L  
Corner William Spence Isabella 24.12.1885 Masham/C  
Cradock Arthur Dennis Thomasina Hannah 21.5.1910 L/L  
Cridlan Joseph Fryer Harriett 22.8.1860 London/C  
Crow Richard Waggett Elizabeth 17.5.1845 EB/EB  
Cuthbert John Heugh Sarah 5.12.1863 NewtonleWillows/Newtonlw  
Delicate Francis Delicate Elizabeth 9.4.1859 C/C  
Dennis Luke Carpenter Beatrice Alice 17.10.1905 L/L  
Dinsdale John Hanson Elizabeth 24.3.1855 C/C  
Dinsdale William Bellerby Isabell 19.4.1897 Ripley/C  
Dixon Edward Wardle Jane 20.10.1849 Masham/C  
Dixon Richard Mudd Kate 26.12.1899 Stockton/C  
Dixon Thomas Stockdale Margaret 19.10.1850 Masham/C  
Dixon William Bailey Elizabeth Ellen 26.10.1860 C/C  
Dodsworth Alfred Ryder Mary Ann 24.11.1921 C/C  
Dodsworth William Sherwood Mary Louisa 26.3.1894 Scruton/C  
Dunn Thomas Warrior Margaret 4.6.1881 Thornton Steward/C  
Early John Henry Thompson Elizabeth 26.11.1910 Islebeck(?)/C  
Eden Thomas Laking Elizabeth 8.9.1859 C/C  
Elgie George Albert Carter Ann Elizabeth 15.5.1911 C/C  
Elsworth James Ryder Margaret 15.5.1918 Newton le Willows/C  
Eyles John George Danby Minnie Edna Fasnacht 12.5.1923 C/C  
Eyles William Frederick Maidment Lilian Nina 17.9.1921 Northallerton/C  
Finkill Andrew Horner Mary Ann 5.2.1855 Aiskew/Aiskew  
Forrest Joseph Myers Mary 16.7.1868 C/C  
Foster Thomas Fryer Margaret 31.10.1870 Peterborough/C  
Foster William Pinkney Elizabeth 4.7.1864 Rand/C  
Freeman John Moss Sarah Ellen 12.7.1890 L/L  
Fryer John Webster Ann 26.5.1856 Staveley/C  
Fryer John Cannon Ann 10.6.1869 C/C  
Garthwaite William Castling Elizabeth C 12.5.1845 Bradford/ C  
Gibson John Morton Elizabeth Hannah 24.8.1901 Durham/C  
Graham Frederick Jordan Susanna 14.7.1906 C/C  
Grange William Scruton Graham Jane Ann 8.10.1890 C/C  
Gray John Elgie Martha Maria 17.4.1911 L/L  
Grayson George Rushforth Alice 20.1.1855 Leeming/Leeming  
Hall Alexander Graham Elizabeth 21.10.1893 Leeds/C  
Hall Jesse Braithwaite Hannah 25.3.1885 Bessingley(Hull)/C  
Hanby Miles Johnson Maria 21.3.1870 C/C  
Harland Nathan Towse Ellen 6.12.1890 L/L  
Harper Thomas Albert Harland Annie 6.2.1909 L/L  
Harrison George Heugh Jane Isabel 18.10.1894 Grosmont/C  
Harrison Thomas John Blades Gertrude 19.5.1917 C/L  
Harrison Thomas John Murfin Anne Elizabeth 23.1.1922 L/L  
Hartley George Graham Ruth 23.11.1878 L/L  
Hartley William Stapleton Jane 27.1.1849 Bedale/L  
Haw Mathew William Anderson Mary Hillary 6.3.1905 Mill Close/Aiskew  
Hawkins Charles Henry Nicholson Martha Annie Douglas 19.5.1902 Altofts/C  
Hebden George Flintoff Plews Mary 21.5.1872 EB/Patrick Brompton  
Heugh James Meynell Isabella 23.9.1868 Stanwick/C  
Heugh John Meynell Mary Elizabeth 13.2.1865 C/EB  
Hicks Thomas Smith Sarah Ann 17.12.1874 Wallsend/C  
Hobson Frederick Sedgwick Christiana 18.2.1901 C/C  
Hobson John Palliser Martha 30.4.1853 C/C  
Hobson John Newsome Hannah Elizabeth 22.6.1898 L/C  
Hobson Matthew Coultherd Alice 23.8.1862 L/L  
Hobson Matthew John Buck Jane 12.4.1879 C/Catterick  
Hobson Thomas Edward Musgrave Mary 24.12.1892 C/C  
Hobson William Craggs Mary 9.4.1885 C/C  
Hodgson Alfred Kettlewell Eliza 2.6.1890 L/C  
Hodgson Francis Musgrave Ann 19.12.1868 Snape/L  
Hodgson Joseph Raper Margaret 1.2.1879 Osmotherly/L  
Hodgson Thomas Herbert Storey Edith 7.10.1911 L/L  
Hogg Thomas Banks Elizabeth 1.4.1863 Ainsworth(Lancs)/C  
Holland George Smith Elizabeth 5.11.1855 C/C  
Hollyman Walter Mann Agnes 19.8.1879 Clitheroe/C  
Holmes Thomas Allen Mary 3.12.1885 C/C  
Holroyd Moses Brown Charlotte 5.6.1880 L/L  
Holroyd William Langstaff Mary 10.4.1857 Sprotborough/L  
Horlsey John Race Hannah 7.12.1844 C/ Hornby  
Horner John Tom Lockey Mary Jane 7.6.1902 Bedale/C  
Hudson Henry Pattison Mary 26.5.1859 C/C  
Hudson Henry Harker Margaret 1.2.1864 C/C  
Hudson John William Rymer Jane Ann 16.4.1873 Thornton Watlass/C  
Hudson Robert Robinson Legg Eliza 26.7.1879 C/C  
Hudson Robert Robinson Hall Margaret Jane 18.7.1917 C/C  
Hudson Samuel Hudson Sarah 22.3.1893 Thornton Watlass/C  
Hunt John Stapleton Jane 5.2.1870 Thornton Watlass/C  
Hurworth John Thomas Gardner Anne Amelia 25.11.1911 Hackforth/L  
Hutchinson James Oliver Patten Elizabeth 5.11.1857 Guisborough/C  
Hutchinson John Hudson Florence Isabel 12.6.1912 C/C  
Hutchinson Thomas Banks Sarah 16.5.1889 C/C  
Hutchinson William Smith Margaret Mary 26.5.1885 Darlington/C  
Hutchinson William Elgie Edith 11.4.1894 L/L  
Ianson John Holland Mary 25.11.1918 Burrell/C  
Imison Israel Tindale Mary 30.12.1854 Hopetown/Bedale  
Jackson Charles Lawson Margaret 21.8.1880 Brotton/C  
Jackson George Wain Mary Ann 3.5.1849 Marrick/C  
Jackson John Wilkinson Eva 11.6.1885 C/C  
Jackson Ralph Loadman Frances 8.3.1882 Gt.Ayton/C  
Jackson Thomas Metcalf Mary Jane 5.7.1875 Gateshead/L  
Jeff Frederick Murfin Sarah Jane 12.6.1920 Kirby Fleetham/L  
Johnson Henry Singleton Mary 14.5.1859 L/L  
Johnson Ingram Robinson Sarah 8.12.1866 Bedale/C  
Johnson Joseph Fryer Mary Jane 12.12.1872 Bilton/C  
Kay William Plews Elizabeth 15.2.1845 Masham/ EB  
Kelly Brian Dumvill Margaret 12.5.1856 EB/EB  
Kettlewell George Meynell Ann 20.2.1854 Skelton/EB  
Kettlewell Richard Lawson Mary Jane 20.4.1889 C/C  
Kirk John Morton Jackson Elizabeth 12.3.1859 C/C  
Kitching Arthur Hudson Margaret Blenkinsop 23.1.1905 Bedale/EB  
Lamb George Procter Thompson Ellen 23.5.1894 Brompton on Swale/C  
Lambert Robinson Mason Margaret 15.5.1879 EB/C  
Larke Frederick Edward Harrison Ada 27.12.1915 Benwell/C  
Lawson Francis Valentine Anderson Ann 20.4.1878 C/Guisborough  
Lawson John Hobson Margaret Isabel 31.12.1890 C/C  
Leach Fred Clark Elizabeth 5.6.1922 Baildon/C  
Leng Henry Marsden Elizabeth Ann 1.1.1919 C/C  
Linskill Joseph Jones Eliza 5.11.1874 C/C  
Loadman William Hobson Hannah 21.5.1881 C/C  
Lockey Albert Tessimond Mabel 9.4.1917 C/C  
Lodge John Warrior Alice 21.11.1908 Bedale/C  
Longstaff James Hewson Rosehannah 25.10.1870 Burneston/C  
Longstaff James Castling Elizabeth 8.5.1873 Burneston/C  
Longstaff Joseph Bailes Mary 16.5.1844 Great Ayton/ EB  
Mallaby James Elgie Bertha 16.6.1919 L/L  
Mason William Clark Ann 2.12.1865 York/EB  
Mawson William Elgie Elizabeth 9.6.1906 C/L  
McKechnie Colin C Castling Mary Ann 1.10.1844 Newcastle/ C  
Merriweather Anthony Barker Ellen 9.8.1849 C/C  
Merriweather Anthony Graham Mary 21.10.1874 C/Ellingstring  
Metcalf Timothy Kitchen Elizabeth 30.12.1889 C/C  
Metcalf William Stelling Ann 13.1.1886 Ilton/C  
Metcalfe Anthony Seymour Mary Ann 9.12.1854 Aiskew/Aiskew  
Metcalfe Edward Harland Lilly 5.12.1891 Bedale/L  
Metcalfe John Metcalfe Ann 20.3.1858 Newcastle/C  
Metcalfe Thomas William Burton Jane Agnes 14.3.1917 C/Bedale  
Meynell John Thomas Campbell Mary 15.5.1886 Kirby Fleetham/C  
Michell John Garrett Mary 28.4.1875 Forcett/C  
Middleton Robert Pinkney Jane Ellen 19.5.1877 Stockton/C  
Milner Cyril George Callow Hilda 25.10.1911 Hawes/C  
Moore William Lockey Dorothy 12.5.1866 Patrick Brompton/L  
Morton Robinson Lister Ellen 6.11.1913 C/C  
Morton William Bellerby Margaret 27.6.1896 C/C  
Moses Robert Langstaff Jane 6.11.1847 Gilling/L  
Mudd John Robert Thompson Anne Louisa 5.8.1905 Thornaby/C  
Murfin James Sherrington Gladys Mary 2.12.1916 Middleton Tyas/L  
Musgrave John Hall Hannah 10.6.1852 C/C  
Musgrave Simon Lambert Susannah 28.5.1870 C/C  
Musgrave William Musgrave Francis 16.5.1864 C/C  
Nelson James Hudson Anne Louise Mary 28.5.1913 C/C  
Nelson Thomas Tattersall Margaret 11.12.1869 C/C  
Newsam Robert Race Elizabeth 25.4.1866 Otterington/C  
Nicholson Joseph Douglas Annie Elisha G.H.J. 31.12.1874 C/C  
Nicholson Peter Nelson Isabel 22.2.1909 Thirn/C  
Nicholson William Barker Elizabeth 29.3.1875 Stranton/C  
Oselton Arthur Johnson Caroline 19.11.1921 C/C  
Parkinson Joseph Kellet Holland Addison Anne Maria 11.9.1886 C/C  
Parvin John George Langstaff Elizabeth 26.1.1907 Wolsingham/C  
Pattison John Hudson Elizabeth 30.8.1849 C/C  
Pattison Robert Nixon Mary 27.1.1848 C/C  
Pattison William Braithwaite Sarah 27.11.1880 Stockton/C  
Peace Richard Harland Catherine Thompson 3.12.1887 Finghall/C  
Peacock Albert Edward Barrett Mary Elizabeth 29.5.1901 Middleham/C  
Peacock John Buckle Ann 21.10.1854 Northallerton/Aiskew  
Pearson Robert Jackson Ellen 28.12.1865 Bedale/C  
Pinkney William Lockey Hannah Frances 31.7.1869 C/C  
Pocklington Frederick William Blades Ethel 27.8.1921 L/L  
Pocklington John Reuben Wesson Sarah Lilian 30.12.1922 L/L  
Prentice James Crooks Ann 8.11.1855 C/C  
Procter John MacKown Margaret 12.9.1867 Leeming/C  
Pybus Frederick Hodgson Elizabeth Ann 13.5.1902 C/C  
Raper Thomas Wilkinson Dorothy 19.12.1846 L/L  
Render Thomas Calvert Annie 23.11.1891 C/C  
Robinson William Christopher Ward Sarah Elizabeth 25.12.1882 Constable Burton/C  
Robson Albert Nelson Jane Frear 24.5.1894 C/C  
Robson Arthur Reynolds Hannah 10.3.1868 Ainderby Steeple/C  
Rogers James Brown Elizabeth Ann 2.3.1899 Bedale/C  
Rose George Metcalf Emma 10.2.1855 Bedale/Bedale  
Rowland Thomas Tindale Frances 26.12.1874 Manchester/C  
Sayers Joseph Metcalf Hannah 5.1.1870 Jarrow/C  
Scurrah John Castling Jane 10.12.1849 C/C  
Scurrah William Carter Mary 31.12.1855 C/C  
Sedgwick John William Metcalfe Jane Ann 1.10.1902 Thornaby/C  
Sedgwick William Stapleton Ann Eliza 30.6.1877 Tunstall/L  
Shaw Charles Henry Christopher Hobson Edna 15.2.1919 C/C  
Sherwood Edward Sherwood Mary Catherine 24.5.1858 Burrill/C  
Sherwood Walter Sedgwick Henrietta 25.12.1890 C/C  
Sherwood William Henry Linskill Mary Elizabeth 7.4.1890 Benwell/C  
Simpson John Hodgson Hannah 18.5.1878 C/C  
Simpson Richard Wood Jane Ann 22.9.1883 Croxdale/C  
Smith Peter Myers Alice 15.10.1855 C/C  
Smith Thomas Robinson Ann 13.3.1856 C/C  
Smith William Parnaby Elizabeth 10.8.1846 C/EB  
Smith William Davison Mary 27.12.1851 C/C  
Spanwix Henry Gale Elizabeth 16.3.1854 AxwellPark/C  
Spark Joseph Robinson Margaret 31.10.1846 W.Tanfield/C  
Spence Christopher Simpson Dorothy 13.4.1844 Masham/ C  
Spence William Walker Ann 25.11.1854 Bedale/Bedale  
Squince Daniel Braithwaite Elizabeth 7.11.1844 C /C  
Stapleton John Jackson Mary 2.3.1845 C/ C  
Stapleton Thomas Metcalf Margaret 14.4.1875 C/C  
Stapylton John Pearson Margaret 3.3.1852 C/?  
Stelling Henry Hancock Gertrude Hannah 16.2.1920 C/C  
Stelling Lupton Lawson Martha Elizabeth 27.12.1879 Bedale/C  
Stelling Thomas Loadman Martha Isabel 30.4.1917 C/C  
Stelling William Croft Elizabeth 28.10.1843 L/ L  
Stephenson George Taylor Ann Elizabeth 8.2.1872 Leeds/C  
Stephenson John Linskill Ann Eleanor 1.6.1882 C/C  
Stephenson Robert Taylor Elizabeth Shakespeare West 27.3.1875 C/C  
Stobbs Hall Sherwood Ann Elizabeth 12.4.1856 Durham/C  
Stockdale Herbert Stelling Frances 22.2.1887 Barnsley/C  
Stone William Hobson Mary Elizabeth 16.10.1862 Hackforth/L  
Stout George Gale Ann 9.7.1850 Thirsk/C  
Stubbs Herbert Towers Ada Maria 29.1.1896 Newton on Ouse/L  
Swithenbank Frederick Meynell Annie 13.7.1896 Harrogate/EB  
Temple John Feetenby Jane 12.12.1855 C/C  
Tessimond John Thomas Popplewell Jane 6.2.1907 C/C  
Thirlway Robert Mattison Ann Jane 29.8.1846 Bedale/C  
Thompson John Kearton Ellen 18.5.1870 C/L  
Thompson Thomas Harland Jane 26.11.1870 Thirsk/C  
Thompson Walter Cary Mary Hannah 15.5.1901 L/L  
Thompson William Saxton Jane 5.7.1876 Brancepeth/C  
Thwaites Richard Metcalfe Ann 5.4.1862 Bishop Auckland/C  
Tomkinson Richard Weighill Jane 14.4.1847 C/Cowling  
Topham Joseph Wilson Susannah 3.6.1848 C/C  
Topham Joseph Dutchburn Mary Ann 12.5.1855 C/L  
Topham William Hardaker Mary 28.8.1893 W.Rainton/C  
Tors William Musgrave Jane 27.11.1858 C/C  
Tunstall Thomas Simpson Mary 10.5.1883 C/C  
Tutin John Outhwaite Elizabeth 3.5.1854 Fencote/L  
Tutin William Ramsden Mary 8.9.1853 Fencote/C  
Tyler James Samuel Palliser Eleanor 30.3.1870 Bedale/C  
Waggett William Auton Margaret 30.10.1849 EB/EB  
Wain Michael Dinsdale Elizabeth 2.6.1853 C/C  
Walker William Hall Jane 6.4.1876 Oulton/C  
Wallis Robert Robinson Reynolds Hannah Jemima 26.11.1912 L/L  
Walmsley Thomas Hall Ann 14.2.1863 C/C  
Walsh William Allen Mary Ann 21.7.1846 L/L  
Ward William Leake Hannah 21.10.1903 Acomb/C  
Warner Samuel Stephenson Mary 10.9.1885 E.Harlsey/C  
Waygood John Adam W. Sturdy Susan 22.11.1879 C/C  
Weatherop Anthony Procter Jane 22.6.1861 Northallerton/C  
Weighill Joseph Harland Hannah 21.2.1891 Bedale/L  
Weighill Thomas Griffiths Harriet 29.1.1881 C/C  
Welbourn Edward Kirk Annie 20.2.1858 Thirsk/C  
White Christopher Lockey Ann 20.5.1896 L/L  
Wilkinson Thomas Nixon Jane 22.1.1846 Middleham/L  
Wilson Thomas William Kettlewell Jane Ann 9.8.1914 Brancepeth/L  
Wray Christopher Mudd Catherine 22.3.1849 EB/C  
Wray Joseph Ash Martha 1.2.1854 EB/EB  
Wrightson George Newsome Ann 24.12.1890 Thornton Watlass/C  
Young Joseph Eden Mary 25.2.1858 Guisborough/C  

Last Updated on 22/3/05
By Ian Hancock

Bedale marriages included in the Crakehall Parish Registers

Clarke, Richard/Brown, Sarah, 7.10.1854, Bedale/Bedale
Peacock, John/Buckle, Ann, 21.10.1854, Northallerton/Aiskew
Spence, William/Walker, Ann, 25.11.1854, Bedale/Bedale
Metcalfe, Anthony/Seymour, Mary Ann, 9.12.1854, Aiskew/Aiskew
Imison, Israel/Tindale, Mary, 30.12.1854, Hopetown/Bedale
Grayson, George/Rushforth, Alice, 20.1.1855, Leeming/Leeming
Finkill, Andrew/Horner, Mary Ann, 5.2.1855, Aiskew/Aiskew
Rose, George/Metcalf, Emma, 10.2.1855, Bedale/Bedale
Cartwright, Thomas/Reynard, Mary, 26.3.1855, Aiskew/Aiskew

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